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Fire Salamander Shaker Bag Charm

Fire Salamander Shaker Bag Charm

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These shaker bag charms feature a unique designed package on sturdy PVC and inflated with air. They are extra sensory fun and include one small salamander shaped acrylic piece inside and heart shaped glitter!

Due to the small pieces, item may not be suitable for small children. Please handle with care.

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Art fueled by nostalgia.

"Paint Dust" started as a gimmicky and nonsensical Instagram handle that stuck with me over the years. I started making art at a young age and I am constantly inspired by the things that fueled my imagination while growing up, which is why "nostalgia" is such a key component to my brand. In 2018, I designed and sold my first three sticker designs and Paintdust only grew from there. Paintdust has now attended several conventions in the south east and hopes to travel even further in 2023.

I strive to spread joy, inspiration, and creativity to everyone who interacts with me or my shop. Thank you so much for visiting!