Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my item(s) ship?

A: Expect 5-7 business days for your items to ship. If you are having any concerns with your order please do not hesitate to send me an email at: with your name and Order Number.

Q: I have not received a confirmation email that my packaged was shipped.

A: My shop should have sent you a confirmation when the order was fulfilled. Sticker-only orders do not have tracking and arrive by regular postage but you will still receive an email. If you didn't receive the confirmation, feel free to contact me with your Order Number and I'll send you verification it was shipped!

Q: My item never arrived, was damaged, or the order was incorrect. :(

A: Mistakes do happen, and if your package arrived incomplete or damaged as a fault of the way it was initially packaged (i.e. an enamel pin made holes through the front of a print), we can work on a solution. However, please be aware that the package is out of my control once it is delivered to the post office. I cannot check on packages stuck in transit or recover lost mail. Please see my refund policy for more detailed information.

Q: Can I use your art as my icon, phone bg, social media header, etc.?

A: Certainly. Just credit me where necessary or do not remove my watermark. As long as it is personal use, you are welcome to make my artwork your background or profile pic. But absolutely DO NOT offer them for resale. ♡

Q: Can I get your artwork as a tattoo?

A: First of all, I'm honored you like my work enough to get it tattooed on you! I offer Digital Tattoo Passes available upon request. They are $50 and are to help give your artist confirmation that you have permission to use my work as well as tip me for the time I spent creating it.

Since I am not a trained tattoo artist, it can be difficult for me to say how well a design will translate on skin. I highly recommend seeking out a tattoo artist you like first and seeing if they are on board with designing something similar or inspired by my art. I'd love to see the finished piece!

Q: Can I get xxx as a shirt/mug/print/etc?

A: I have a Teepublic and Inprnt set up for types of items I don't carry in my shop. Check Teepublic for apparel & Inprnt for gallery prints! Due to the nature of my business (and the small space I work from) I cannot create most of these things in house. I do not offer custom shirts, I am sorry! Maybe some day!

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: My commission availability currently works on a case-by-case basis. I have been busy lately with in person events so I cannot take every request I get, but I would love to hear about it and see if I can make it happen! Send me an email with your request details and I will get back to you within 3-5 business days with my availability, process info, and quote.

Q: Can I get freebies? I'll promote you on my page!

A: No thank you, I am not an influencer and do not make my living on promoting products. I have many affordable stickers and other goodies $10 or less in my shop and the support is always appreciated. Thank you!

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